A service or a need?

The year of working with many Ukrainian IT companies showed us that there were practically no ones fully satisfied with their sales. Common problems arise on the way to implementing plans and wishes. We are sure that you have also faced similar ones.
Common issues

1. Dissatisfaction with the quality of customers, or projects coming from existing sales channels.

2. The desire to change the package of services to more profitable one, but the obstacle - lack of a sufficient understanding of the way to qualitatively improve the offer.

3. Closed circle of insufficient financing of sales department. Poor investment leads to standard and low-cost solutions that, in turn, result with the next small income.

4. The absence of both qualified sales people and understanding how to choose them correctly. Problems with the distribution of responsibility in BizDev team.

5. Lack of well-established sales processes and other business processes that interferes the desire for growth and development.

We offer

  • Integrated analysis of all the corporate processes for early detection of potential issues

  • Customized education for both C-level and sales and marketing teams

  • Help in creating sales strategy for a product or service

  • Sales channels testing

Let's start small
Sometimes it is hard to even imagine what kind of help you really need. Let`s start with a short consulting session, where we`ll define your needs and potential areas of improvement. We promise that after 2-hour meeting you`ll completely change your understanding of sales.
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