Market Analysis
How not to get drown in the sea of information
2-day workshop
10.00 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.
77 Heroiv UPA St., Lviv
2400 UAH
We turn the light on before coming into the dark room. The light helps us to see the state of things in the room and to find what we have come for. And yet - it helps us not to cause chaos and not to be injured.
This has much in common with entering the market. The market is a dark room or even a dark house before conducting the targeted analysis. And to find the room, and then the needed things in it we have to turn on the lighting.
Without the "light" of analytics, it is also impossible to determine one's current position among the competitors. To answer the question "Where are we?", one needs to look around and correctly interpret the things seen.
Attend Market Analysis Workshop
get the answers to the following questions
Where to find inaccessible information needed for market analysis?
What to do with a huge amount of data found?
What do you need to know about the target audience before contacting / touching it for the first time?
How to analyze the competitors?
Workshop Program
day 1
- Market research. Types. Methods
- Market Segmentation
- Market Evaluation
- Product Positioning. Characteristics

Home Task
day 2
Analysis of homework

- Product Positioning. Perceptual mapping
- Competitive Analysis. Methods. Technics
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