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To clarify things in a dark room, you need to turn on the light. Until the market analysis has been done, the market is your dark room. Let's get a sense of how to really sell in your segment.
competitor analysis
Target Customer Profile Analysis
Custom Research
Zozoola provides competitor analysis services so that you can understand what awaits you when launching a new product or service or when entering a new market. Or for your being always a step ahead, as well.
If all that you know about your customer is limited to "CTO of a medium-sized software development company in the USA", we will disappoint you. You know nothing about your customer.
We will look at your input critically and find an answer to any custom question, whether it is "What manufacturing-oriented events can I visit in autumn of 2019?" or "What Big Data solutions can the company offer in the healthcare market?" Custom research services are the most comfortable solution if you want to find the answer, but do not need a full-time in-house specialist.
competitor profile
We conduct the detailed analysis of competitors by the given parameters, including business base info, organizational structure, offering, customers, financials, investment merger & acquisition, public activity etc.

We will compare your company/your products or services with leading competitors, define strengths and weaknesses of competitors to show your position on the market and identify areas for improvement.
Target Customer Profile Analysis

Ask yourself: what does your customer want to achieve? What are his issues? What is his motivation? If you have answers to these questions, then you should know, how your product or service makes his life easier and how it helps him to achieve the goals.

If you don't have the answers at all, or they are not enough, we will help you understand your target customer, his motivation, his needs and pain points which will in turn optimize the communication channels, position the messages and the product/service itself and as follows build a clear and obvious structure of the business, strategy of entering the new market or launching the new offer.

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