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Lead Generation is a must have.
Idea Validation
You have this cool idea, about a new solution or service. It's gonna change the world for a better place, make you popular (mom won't be the only one to comment on your posts) and bring you some extra funds. Before you get there you need to make sure the market needs it and ready to pay for it.

Early stage market feedback will decrease your potential risks and provide useful insights. Whether you are a brand new startup or an enterprise, verify your idea first and only then conquer the world.
Lead Generation
Demo scheduling, lead generation, email marketing or cold outreach, all these apply for a single purpose - move your leads down the funnel.

Based on our experience companies like yours, always have at least 1 out of 4 problems:
  1. Lack of leads (Who should buy from me and why)
  2. How to get in touch and what to tell them? (Scripts, tools, process)
  3. Better sales structure and operations (Predictable team)
  4. All good, I just need to scale my sales efforts (Hiring is good only for headhunters, the rest is waste)
Outsource your lead generation email outreach campaigns and focus on closing deals.
Cross-platform Lead Generation
Your SDR, AKA sales manager, wants to focus on closing deals and get the deserved commission. So it's obvious, when he's got a hot lead, everything goes on hold. No blaming - funnel bottom has the first priority.

Imagine running a business back in the days, you suppose to "know the guy who knows the guy" to be introduced and make a win-win happen. Nowadays, everything is around and all you need is to take it.

We engage with your prospects like we do it for ourselves. A combination of email and LinkedIn automation is the most efficient way for lead nurturing and customer engagement.
Sales options for all types of B2B companies
Billed monthly or annually

Verified emails only
Number of targeted contacts
Only decision maker
Email copywriting
Touchpoints in the campaign
up to 4
up to 6
up to 8
Campaign stats
Custom email sequence and automation
A/B testing
Continuous improvement
LinkedIn automation
2 months FREE with annual signup
Minimal project duration
2 months
3 months
6 months
Why Zozoola
In every single case we apply individual, manual data research to define the most relevant target audience for your product/service. We help you to identify your Ideal Customer Profile and the best ways to reach out to them.
    Who closes deals
    We save your resources on research, automation and lead generation. Our main goal is to get in touch with your prospects and provide you with responses. At Zozoola we believe that no one knows your customers better than you do and it's only you who can close more deals than anyone else.
    When we need Lead Generation
    Feel free to get in touch when you want to validate your new offer, extend and automate lead generation activities as well as start your sales efforts from scratch.
    How this is different from the competitors
    Over the last 10 years we have been selling products and services around the globe. We know how to do it fast, profitably and in a scalable way. It's time for us to share the knowledge and multiply our results with your success.
    Are you a list builder
    Not exactly. We use paid data list builders, analytics, verification and sales automation tools to boost our performance. All of this grands you an option of hiring a mature sales person for 1/3 of it's value.
    Can I cancel anytime
    No restrictions or tight contracts apply here, any time cancelation is available. Although, we would appreciate one month notice period.
    How many times are you using the same list
    Only once. We are not interested in a competition within our customers, besides that if we start to contact the same prospects with similar offers, our response rate will decrease.
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