Consulting and Trainings
Having solid experience and expertise in marketing, lead generation, sales operations, and overall IT sales department functioning, we are happy to offer our consulting services. Read more.

We also develop the educational branch - Zozoola Academy and provide individual, group or corporate trainings on sales and marketing. You can also ask for hourly consulting on any sales and marketing related topic. Read more.
Lead Generation and Idea Validation
Lead Generation is one of the top challenges for every business.
To help you boost your business, a team of professionals will generate leads taking into close consideration your offer, targeted market and preferable means of communication.

Idea Validation is an option if you are starting a new campaign and need to understand whether an offer is going to work out on the market you have selected before investing in full-scale sales activities.
Sales Audit and Strategy Development
Need to change direction, grow your team, reshape the strategy?
Get your sales process reviewed. The clear understanding of a problem is the starting point for all changes you would like to implement.

Stuck with ideas on how to move on with your sales and business in general? Let our team help you shape the strategy with a detailed execution plan.
Don`t go alone. Our partnership cooperation model gives you ability to differentiate your sales channels. By becoming our partner you will get access to the pool of IT projects we have in our database.
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