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How we can launch your
IT project
Knowing the Ukrainian IT from within, we can connect you with a team of tech experts that perfectly meets your project's needs and fulfills all the requirements.

Our purpose is to minimize the efforts you spend looking for the vendors. We care about our reputation so we guarantee the reliability and high level of professionalism of the companies included into our database. Moreover, we do not just share with you the information from our comprehensive database, we support you until the necessary vendor is found.
Ukraine. Best outsourcing destination
Ukraine is the top IT market in Eastern Europe with over 100K highly professional specialists with excellent communication and English skills.

By outsourcing to Ukraine, your business cuts overhead costs, gets access to wide range of experts and latest technologies but doesn't compromise on quality.

Outsourcing to Ukraine has made a powerful impact on many businesses' growth, productivity and bottom lines.
Only 24 hours for a shortlist
It's simple: you give requirements and no matter how unique the requirements are we will provide you with the list of best matching Ukrainian companies in just 24 hours.
By working in close cooperation with our partners, we have not only basic information about Ukrainian IT companies, but also deep understanding of their expertise and working processes. This gives us the opportunity to respond to your requests more accurately.

We only recommend the companies we are confident in.
Full transparency of the process
We openly conduct the whole process of negotiations. Our role is to directly contact the customer with the proper vendor. We do not take any part of the project, we only provide optimal starting conditions for fruitful cooperation.

Portfolio samples
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